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Join and Borrow Platform

The Join and Borrow Platform is the new automated lending platform that does the hard work for your organisation with our sophisticated decision engine and simple reporting process.

Easy member applications

Members can quickly and simply apply to join and borrow via a simple application. Where existing members are applying, we’ll check against your Sercle Platform database and pre-populate info where possible.

Cutting-edge decision engine

The Join and Borrow Platform will evaluate each application received by your organisation by automatically passing them through our sophisticated decision engine, using technology to make a human decision.

Credit, income and policy checks

With our platform, you set the rules so you can easily sort members based on their credit history, disposable income and even against policies specific to your organisation.

Automated evaluation and reporting

Our innovative platform sorts and evaluates applications based on your criteria and sends to staff within an easy to use workflow tool, to manage each case, also known as the Underwriting Queue, a one stop shop for loan assessment.

Cut down on paperwork

With the Join and Borrow Platform, you can save hours of staff time reviewing loan applications by letting it do the hard and laborious tasks, using technology to make a human decision.

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