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vox card

Vox Money

The Sound of Progress

We are excited to let you know that this product is in the process of being reviewed – we are looking at lowering pricing, increasing functionality and issuing a card that has your own credit union logo on it.

The Account for you. Empower your members today and join the digital finance revolution. Our cutting-edge credit union accounting software has been designed specifically for the needs of credit unions, helping you and your members to keep moving forward.

Vox Money, developed by Sercle, gives easy access to the digital world of money management, rewarding both you and your members. With Vox Money, they’ll get a fully transactional e-money account, Visa debit card, and all the tools they need to keep moving, no matter where they are on their financial journey. That is the power of Vox Money.

Use our credit union software to offer your members a financially inclusive solution – the account for everyone*, Vox Money.

*Subject to CDD and other verification checks

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A solution for you

With over thirty year’s experience in the industry, we have developed solutions specifically
designed to meet the needs of our credit union partners. From a monthly commission paid
to you for all active accounts, to a co-branded card or fully bespoke solution where you
have control over the program P&L, we’ve got a solution to suit you.

Working in parallel with Credit Unions

Designed specifically for the needs of credit unions and their members, our Vox Money product
is used and trusted by thousands of credit unions and their members all over the country.
With over 30 year’s heritage in the industry, we have supported hundreds of credit unions to offer online
accounts and budgeting tools to their customers.

Money management comes full Sercle

Benefits for you include:

  • Revolutionary banking technology to facilitate your growth
  • Taking control of your revenue
  • Rewarding you and your members
  • Support with product training and relationship management
  • Bring the digital financial revolution to you and your members
  • Marketing support and in-branch member sign up direct from your secure staff portal
  • Offer a financially inclusive alternative to members overlooked by high street banks
  • Commission for your organisation on active accounts

Something to shout about

When you join as a partner we’ll send you a marketing pack including branded Vox Money
goodies and printed items to help you advertise, grow your business and take control
of your revenue.

Benefits for members

  • Visa debit card
  • Fair and
    transparent costs
  • No overdraft - only
    spend what’s there
  • Guaranteed acceptance
    - no credit checks*
  • Sign up in minutes
  • Cashback rewards
    from top retailers
  • Easy-to-use
    mobile app
  • Budgeting tools -
    take financial control

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*Vox Money is an e-money account and the account and card are subject to e-money requirements and prepayment