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Is your credit union website meeting your customers’ needs?

Zoe Cannon


Why is your website important?

For any organisation, their website is the window into their business. In many cases, it is the first point of contact for prospective members and provides the first glimpse of who and what you’re about. A credit union’s website is a vital part of a credit union’s digital marketing and an important tool to support credit union membership growth.


What are our customers’ needs?

Responsive Website

Delivering a good-looking website is great, but creating a responsive website that is designed around the needs of your customer is more important. 


Nearly half (46%) of consumers manage their finances online and switch between devices during a single activity – often beginning on mobile devices and then switching to desktops or tablets.


Providing an omnichannel experience with a website that is responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop will ensure an effortless experience for prospective and current members.


To further enhance your customers’ experience credit unions can implement tracking software across their websites such as Google Analytics to understand which of their website pages are the most read, in turn providing more of the content your customers want and need.


Quick & Simple Sign Up

Once prospective members have made the decision to join your credit union, they will want to sign up immediately. 


To ensure your innovative credit union delivers a service to match, your sign up process should be designed around your members and their needs. A simple form providing a positive user experience will support member growth and ensure you don’t lose prospective members at the final hurdle.


Make sure your website clearly signposts to your form, all mandatory submission fields are visible and any attachments or information required are accessible for your member demographic.


Support & Advice 24/7

Across all sectors, customers want their information and advice fast, this is no different with prospective credit union members. Consider implementing automated support software or systems such as chatbots which can answer simple FAQs via your website – helping your customers 24 hours a day!


Advisory blog content is a trusted source of information for many consumers, with 77% of internet users admitting to reading blogs. By providing support via blog content and product information pages on your website you’re able to support current and future members instantly, showcasing your industry experience and expertise.


Sercle’s family of products and services propel credit unions into the digital financial revolution, using technology, innovation and excellence to keep your world turning, empower your members and support growth!

If you’re a credit union, get in touch today!